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Motivational books, among many others, including volumes of inspiration, self-help and recovery, are available here for you to browse and buy. Our motivational books were written in the turbulent days when capitalism first thrived in America, and our authors wrote simply and directly to help their readers create lives of calm success and confidence. Sun Books accomplishes the same goal today.

Our authors are on your side.

In James Allen you’ll find the patient encouragement of a philosopher who considers not only how to make a lot of money but what it means to you. James Allen treats you, his reader, as a whole human being, in search of wholeness. His motivational books elucidate how success can help you find happiness and live a good life. Allen explains how being kind to your neighbors is as important as amassing riches, but more fascinating, why kindness is critical to your prosperity.

His wife, Lily Allen, adds a sweet graciousness to her thought, the delight in small things of everyday life and their reflection of the most humane values that has endeared Mrs. Allen to generations of women. Her work is of the kind that thoughtful mothers recommend to their daughters—our customers testify to that in wonderfully enthusiastic and specific terms!

We ask you to look carefully at Christian Larson, whose motivational books inspire you to glow from within! He compels you to find your most abundant self and helps you understand how to achieve such satisfaction. Your fulfillment is entirely possible, and Christian Larson is one author whom you’ll learn to trust as a guide.

In Orison Swett Marden, you’ll discover the plenty that he calls the Miracle of Right Thought. He leads you out of fear and the counter-productive conflicts of passions, into the beauties of peace and prosperity. He teaches you how to dream of success and succeed! He urges you to practice the skills of persuasion until you master them and turn them into your own art. He says in one marvelous title, You Can, and finishes by asking, But Will You?

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