Christian D. Larson

Christian D. Larson - Business InspirationsBUSINESS INSPIRATIONS by Christian D. Larson. Chapters include: Follow the High Vision, Inspiration Moves the World, This Will Mean Success, How We Gain Power, The Good Cheer Attitude, The Magic of Sincerity, It Pays to Look Well, The Full Positive Action, Virtues of Persistent Desire, Demand More of Yourself, What Makes Men Great, Giving Your Whole Self, Knowing How to Work, The Whole Mind in Action, Creating the Right Idea, The Will to Do More, etc.
163 pages
5 x 8 paperback
ISBN: 0-89540-399-4
Christian D. Larson - The Hidden SecretTHE HIDDEN SECRET by Christian D. Larson. There is a life within that has no limit; it is the life more abundant - the life that every awakened mind has sought with heart and soul; it is the life from which all great things proceed; the source of everything that has real value and high worth.
101 pages
5 x 8 paperback
ISBN: 0-89540-404-4
Christian D. Larson - How Great Men SucceedHOW GREAT MEN SUCCEED by Christian D. Larson. The man who succeeds is invariably impelled to press on and on by something within him that tells him he can… In the spirit of this conviction he proceeds with his eye singled upon the goal in view, gaining ground steadily and demonstrating every day, through actual results, that his conviction is based upon fact.
95 pages
5 x 8 paperback
ISBN: 0-89540-398-6
Christian D. Larson - Just Be GladJUST BE GLAD by Christian D. Larson. Great is the power of human sunshine. It can change anything, transform anything, remake anything, and cause anything to become as fair and beautiful as itself.
64 pages
5 x 8 paperback
ISBN: 0-89540-441-9
Christian D. Larson - Mastery of SelfMASTERY OF SELF by Christian D. Larson. No power in man can do what it is created to do, and what it has the capacity to do, until it is directed by man himself; powers, elements, forces, and things are at the disposal of man; they can do only what he directs them to do; they respond only to his control, but before man can gain the power to master forces and things, he must gain the power to master himself.
87 pages
5 x 8 paperback
ISBN: 0-89540-384-6
Christian D. Larson - On the HeightsON THE HEIGHTS by Christian D. Larson. We are under the clear sky of Infinite Light, on the verge of the great beyond, on the border-land of the limitless, and every moment is an eternity of ecstasy divine.
74 pages
5 x 8 paperback
ISBN: 0-89540-442-7
Christian D. Larson - Perfect HealthPERFECT HEALTH by Christian D. Larson. To apply the principle of faith in the realization of perfect health, enter into the spirit of perfect health whenever you think of health. Live in the soul of health, or the real, interior life of health.
78 pages
5 x 8 paperback
ISBN: 0-89540-397-8
Christian D. Larson - Practical Self-HelpPRACTICAL SELF-HELP by Christian D. Larson. Chapters include: Lean to Help Yourself, What You Should Do, Changing Your Own World, The Successful Mental Attitude, Full Use of Ability and Power, The Control of Circumstance, Effective Use of Thought and Action, Vital Principles in Self-Help, Building Self-Confidence, Invincible Determination, Know What You Want, The Control of Things, There is Always a Way, Actions That Produce Response, Directing the Forces of Life, The Most Helpful Principle Known Today, Etc!
223 pages
5 x 8 paperback
ISBN: 0-89540-400-1
Christian D. Larson - Thinking for ResultsTHINKING FOR RESULTS by Christian D. Larson. That man can change himself, improve himself, recreate himself, control his environment, and master his own destiny is the conclusion of every mind that is wide-awake to the power of right thought in constructive action. In fact, it is the conviction of all such minds that man can do practically anything within the possibilities of the human domain when he knows how to think, and that he can secure almost any result desired when he learns how to think for results.
132 pages
5 x 8 paperback
ISBN: 0-89540-381-1
Christian D. Larson - What Right Thinking Will DoWHAT RIGHT THINKING WILL DO by Christian D. Larson. Whenever we think, we form a mental image of that about which we are thinking; or we may speak of it as a mental picture; and in the science of right thinking, the question is, what kind of mental pictures or images we shall form, because we understand the fact that every mental image becomes a pattern in the mind, and the creative energies of the mind will produce states, conditions, and qualities that correspond exactly with the mental image.
50 pages
5 x 8 paperback
ISBN: 0-89540-386-2
Christian D. Larson - Your Forces and How to Use ThemYOUR FORCES AND HOW TO USE THEM by Christian D. Larson. How We Govern the Forces We Possess, The Use of Mind in Practical Action, Training the Subconscious for Special Results, How Man Becomes What He Thinks, He Can Who Thinks He Can, How We Secure What We Persistently Desire, Concentration and the Power of Suggestion, The Development of the Will, The Building of a Great Mind, How Character Determines Constructive Action, The Creative Forces in Man, Imagination and the Master Mind, Etc.
331 pages
6 x 8 paperback
ISBN: 0-89540-380-3