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Clarence Larkin - Dispensational TruthDISPENSATIONAL TRUTH, God’s Plan and Purpose in the Ages by Clarence Larkin(Including 90 Illustrations by the Author!) The Prophetic Word, Pre-Millennialism, Mountain Peaks of Prophecy, The Second Coming of Christ, Rightly Dividing the Word, The Present Evil World, The Dispensational Work of Christ and of the Holy Spirit, Jews, Gentiles, Church, King, Spirit World, Spiritualism, Ressurections, The Judgements, Satan, Antichrist, The Satanic Trinity, The Four Gospels, The Seven Churches, The Tribulation, Babylon the Great, Renovation of the Earth, The Covenants, The Mysteries, Types and Antitypes, The Three Trees, The Dispensational Teaching of the Great Pyramid, Scripture Numerics, The Signs of the Times, etc!
267 pages
8 1/2 x 11 paperback
ISBN: 0-89540-388-9
Theodosia DeWitt Schobert - Divine RemediesDIVINE REMEDIES - A Textbook on Christian Healing by Theodosia DeWitt Schobert. Chapters include: Fuller Understanding of Spiritual Healing, Healing of Blood Troubles and Skin Diseases, Healing of Ears, Eyes, Feet, Freedom from Sense Appetite, Healing of Headaches, Healing of Insanity, Healing of Insomnia, Healing of Poisoning of Any Kind, Learn to Relax, Healing of the Teeth, General Upbuilding and Healing of the Body Temple, Index, etc!
116 pages
5 x 8 paperback
ISBN: 0-89540-114-2 (ISBN-13: 978-0-89540-114-4)
Emile Coué - How to Practice Suggestion and AutosuggestionHOW TO PRACTICE SUGGESTION AND AUTO-SUGGESTION by Emile Coué, Preface by Charles Baudouin. Interviews of Patients, Examples of the Power of Suggestion and Autosuggestion, Suggestions: General and Special, Suggestions for Each Ailment, Advice to Patients, Lectures Delivered by Emile Coué in America.
128 pages
5 x 8 paperback
ISBN: 0-89540-197-5
W. F. Kirby - Kalevala, The Land Of HeroesKALEVALA, THE LAND OF HEROES - translated by W.F. Kirby. The National Epic of Finland. “…the Kalevala itself could one day become as important for all of humanity as Homer was for the Greeks.”
656 pages - Two Volume set
5 x 8 paperback
ISBN: 0-89540-159-2
Charles W. Littlefield M.D. - Man, Minerals and MastersMAN, MINERALS AND MASTERS by Charles W. Littlefield M.D. School of the Magi, Three Masters, The Cubes, Initiation in Tibet, Hindustan, and Egypt, History, Prophecy, Numerology, Perfection.
172 pages
5 x 8 paperback
ISBN: 0-89540-059-6
Edwin D. Babbitt - The Principles Of Light And ColorTHE PRINCIPLES OF LIGHT AND COLOR by Edwin D. Babbitt. (Illustrated, Complete 578p. version.) The Harmonic Laws of the Universe, The Etherio-Atomic Philosophy of Force, Chromo Chemistry, Chromo Therapeutics, and the General Philosophy of Finer Forces, Together with Numerous Discoveries and Practical Applications, Etc!
578 pages
6 x 9 paperback
ISBN: 0-89540-060-X
Emile Coué - Self Mastery Through Conscious AutosuggestionSELF MASTERY THROUGH CONSCIOUS AUTO-SUGGESTION by Emile Coué. Self Mastery Through Autosuggestion, Thoughts and Precepts, What Autosuggestion Can Do, Education as it Ought to Be, A Survey of the “Seances”, The Miracle Within, Everything for Everyone, Etc.
93 pages
5 x 8 paperback
ISBN: 0-89540- 095-2
Edward B. Warman - SuggestionSUGGESTION by Edward B. Warman A.M. Faith–An Essential Element, Psychotherapy, Thought–An Origin of Disease, Adverse Suggestions, Cast Out Fear, Power of Thought in Autosuggestion, Suggestions To and For Mothers, For Children Backward in Studies, Suggestion as an Educator, Why Repeat Suggestions, A Few Experiences in Healing, Etc.
64 pages
5 x 8 paperback
ISBN: 0-89540-316-1