Another example of Susanna Martinez lack of vision and good governance

Letter regarding her comments re:Santa Fe Botanical Garden


Susanna Martinez’s recent comments regarding the Santa Fe Botanical Garden are an outrage. it is another example of her small-minded self interest.  Calling the Garden “pork” reveals her lack of  intellect and shows her gross irresponsibility for our environment, sustainability issues, and the quality of life for future generations of New Mexicans. Would she also like to pass legislation that declares our individual gardens to be “pork”?  Would she prefer that we lease our yards to her Texas cronies to suck whatever minerals they can find to further enrich themselves at our expense?

The presence of a botanical garden on Museum Hill increases the living value not just for Santa Fe, but the for entire State of New Mexico, not just for our community but for the visitors we hope to attract as well. In turn  we enrich our world by protecting and preserving our botanical heritage for generations to come.

Shame on you Susanna!

Please contact her office at or call her office directly 505-476-2200 to express your disgust and outrage at her shameful agenda that will linger long after her single term in office.

Shame on you Susanna!

Please forward this email to anyone who can lend their support to this effort.  Thank you!

Daniel Fiverson

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