$22.8 million in ‘Opportunity Bonds’ on city ballot March 6

February 28, 2012

From the city of Santa Fe web site:

Santa Fe Opportunity Bonds Ballot Questions

Question 1 – Total Amount $5,000,000

General Obligation Public Safety Bonds — Shall the City of Santa Fe issue up to $5,000,000 of general obligation bonds to acquire, design, construct, and improve buildings and equipment for police and fire protection public safety purposes?

Police Main Facility – $1,500,000 Project Summary: Bond funding would complete the last phase of the renovation and expansion of the main Police Department facility. State funding was used for previous phases of construction. The addition of 5,000 square feet will relieve the cramped space for the Santa Fe Police Department staff and allow room for extra officers needed as annexation expands the responsibilities of city police. Appendix (additional project details)

Economic Benefits:

Provide security for business and personal property in a key location especially for annexed areas. Space for 12-17 new officers and arms and munitions storage. Estimated direct construction jobs: 12.5 (annual, full-time equivalent).

Fire Station #11 – $3,500,000 Project Summary: Bond funding will provide firefighters a new fire station in an area of the city without adequate existing fire safety coverage. Funding will also provide an ambulance, fire truck, and bunker gear. With the proposed annexation of nearly 8,000 acres, 15,000 residents, and over 5,000 homes and businesses, emergency calls to the Santa Fe Fire Department are expected to increase and create greater demand for fire safety infrastructure. Appendix 1 (additional project details) Appendix 2 (additional project details)

Economic Benefits:

Provide fire protection for business and personal property in a key location. Twenty-eight operating personnel will staff the station. Estimated direct construction jobs: 29.2 (annual, full-time equivalent).

QUESTION 2 – Total Amount $14,000,000  General Obligation Parks and Trails Bonds Shall the City of Santa Fe issue up to $14,000,000 of general obligation bonds to acquire land for, and to plan, design, build, equip, renovate, and improve public parks, bike-pedestrian trails and related infrastructure?

Trail Improvements – $6,000,000

Project Summary: Bond funding will be used to improve and extend the city’s bikeways and trails system. Two million will be used for an underpass of St. Francis Drive at West Alameda. Four million will be used according to the priority list of projects in the five-year Santa Fe Metropolitan Bicycle Master Plan. This includes on-road projects such as bicycle lane striping, sharrows, signage and bike racks. Appendix (additional project details)

Economic Benefits:

Support bicycle-related businesses and tourism. Provide for low-cost, environmentally friendly transportation. Estimated direct construction jobs: 25 (annual, full-time equivalent).

SWAN Park – $5,000,000 Project Summary: Bond funding will complete Phase 1 of the Southwest Activity Node (SWAN) Park which will serve the approximately 40% of the city’s youth who reportedly attend schools in the southwest area. The master plan is complete for this regional park in Santa Fe’s populous and growing southwest sector. Phase 1 includes a multi-purpose field, family picnic area, basketball court, playground, pathways, landscaping and an access road and parking. Appendix (additional project details)

Economic Benefits:

Attract people to the area with sports leagues, potential competitive regional teams and park amenities. Complement nearby local business developments by providing a desirable amenity for workers, customers and others. Estimated direct construction jobs: 41.67 (annual, full-time equivalent)

Park Improvements – $3,000,000  Project Summary: Bond funding will improve many Santa Fe parks that have not benefited from the 2008 Parks Bond allocation. This includes adding, renovating or replacing park furniture and amenities, resurfacing sports courts, and installing adequate drainage to ensure safe, fun, beautiful spaces for families and visitors. Appendix 1 (additional project details – see all tabs) Appendix 2 (additional project details)

Economic Benefits:

Enhance outdoor quality of life which is the main reason businesses state for being in Santa Fe. Reduce healthcare costs and needs by providing facilities for healthy lifestyles. Estimated direct construction jobs: 25 (annual, full-time equivalent).

QUESTION 3 – Total Amount $3,800,000 General Obligation Sustainable Environment Bonds Shall the City of Santa Fe issue up to $3,800,000 of general obligation bonds to acquire, install, construct, upgrade and improve sustainable environment projects, including renewable energy, arroyo drainage and watershed security projects?

Solar Energy – $1,800,000 Project Summary: Bond funding will be used to construct a photovoltaic (PV) system at the Genoveva Chavez Community Center. The PV system will provide a substantial portion of the facility’s energy needs. The project would be repaid through reduced electrical costs. Appendix (additional project details)

Economic Benefits:

Reduce electric costs for the city of Santa Fe. Over time, the savings will pay back the cost of the system. Build capacity for business in Santa Fe and build the skills of a green workforce. Estimated direct construction jobs: 7.5 (annual, full-time equivalent)

Watershed and Arroyo Projects – $2,000,000 Project Summary: Bond funding will improve watershed health by correcting substandard drainage through a number of arroyos. This will allow more water to recharge our local aquifer and keep our water supply secure. More than 50 projects have been identified citywide. Problems include undersized culverts, sediment build-up, and erosion. Infrastructure drainage improvements are expected for these arroyos: Arroyo Cabra, Arroyo de la Piedra, Arroyo de los Chamisos, Arroyo de los Pinos, Arroyo en Medio, Arroyo Mascaras, Arroyo Mora, Arroyo Rosario, Arroyo Saiz, Canada Ancha, and the Santa Fe River. Appendix (additional project details)

Economic Benefits:

Improve water security for future development and economic growth. Reduced risk of loss of property and other damage from large floods. Estimate direct construction jobs: 16.67 (annual, full-time equivalent).

Total Bond Funds: $22,800,000



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