New Super PAC requests support

We are pleased to announce ZackPAC, a monkey wrench in the corrupt, decadent, and depraved gears of our corporatized, monetized, hijacked electoral system! Help us exploit, use, and abuse the unprecedented rights and powers that recent court decisions, most notably Citizens United v. Federal Election Commision and v. FEC, have unleashed on an unprepared and unsuspecting population.

Send us your hard earned dollars, pesos, euros, yens, sheqels and dinars, so that we can spend our way to a New American Revolution! A revolution of, by, and for the People, not the legal fiction of a corporate Frankenstein! Be secure in the knowledge that your money, while possibly spent in frivolous, absurd ways, will be the ammo and munitions in our non-violent revolution. Help us prepare our War-chest, stockpile our arsenal, for the battle ahead! Peace be upon you, and God Bless America, God Bless the World, God Bless every single living being, we are all in this together, we all have a stake in the fight!

The PAC has a facebook group page Email: [email protected] and twitter @zackpac2012 as well as a fundly site for online donations

Zackary Kershaw

Las Cruces

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