Letter threatens arrest of Apple Store protesters–before the protest!

Q Uptown security officials delivered a letter on Friday
morning, 7/13/12 for the organizers of the Bastille Day demonstration on the
Apple Store scheduled for Saturday, 7/14/12 at 9am.

The letter threatened arrest and prosecution of all
participants of the demonstration.

It also threatened to ban all participants from the ABQ
Uptown shopping center.

The demonstration organizers were advised by Q Uptown in the
letter to “post a cancellation of this event on each and every medium that had
been used to promote it. ”

“We will be having the demonstration promptly at 9am, ”
organizer Jeanne Pahls said. “We
have a right to freedom of speech and Apple has a responsibility to treat its
customers with honesty and respect.
It has a responsibility to behave in a conscientious manner with regard
to taxes, treating its customers equally, treating its employees fairly and
earning its money in an ethical manner.

Ms Pahls learned in January that Apple “reregisters phones,
no questions asked” when her phone was stolen. She learned that Apple does not report the serial numbers of
used phones it reregisters to the police.
(Albuquerque pawn shops do report the serial numbers of their phones to
the police in order to facilitate the recovery of stolen iPhones.) She learned in March that Apple had
sold her a used phone and told her it was a new one.

When she approached Apple, she received no response. Now a demonstration has been organized
and she and other demonstrators have been threatened with arrest.

Apple has a history of unethical behavior: child labor,
slave labor, forcing workers to work with dangerous chemicals without proper
protective equipment.

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